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Pacman and ghosts incense burner


Pacman and ghosts murrine slice in the center of these handmade incense burners. I cut 1/4" strips of colored sheet glass, and laid them on edge to make these, then dammed them up and fused them at 1500 degrees to melt them into solid pieces. I then cold-worked and re-fired them to polish them up, then one final firing to slump them into molds to shape them. :) They measure approximately 8.75" long by 2.5" wide. I'll include self-adhesive rubber bumpers that you can attach to the bottom if you'd like, to keep them from moving around on slick surfaces.
Choose top or bottom when ordering.
Signed and dated on the back.
I use all Bullseye 90coe glass.

  • top incense burner 100%
  • bottom incense burner Sold Out