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OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN state shapes and dishes


These will all be made as I get your order, so please allow 2-5 days for them to get finished and ready to ship.

All the states vary in size, but I try to make them each an average size of about 3" x 4".

If you'd like to wear these as pendants, I'm creating an option for a pendant, and they'll come with either 1 or 2 holes in the top, depending on the shape of the state and how it will hang best as a pendant.

If you would like a dish with the piece fused onto it (that will look like the white glass "parchment paper" dish with the California shape on it, in the picture here) I have an option for that, too.
* Some states can ONLY be made as dishes, such as Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, Maryland, and West Virginia, as they're either in multiple pieces, or have very delicate, fragile areas that won't work well as a piece on it's own. I can do NY without Long Island on it's own, but if you'd like Long Island included, it can only be made as a dish.

Fused glass, kiln fired, with Bullseye brand 90COE amber glass.

  • Oregon shape 100%
  • Oregon pendant with holes 100%
  • Oregon on white, 5" dish 100%
  • Pennsylvania shape 100%
  • Pennsylvania pendant with holes 100%
  • Pennsylvania on white 5" dish 100%
  • Rhode Island shape 100%
  • Rhode Island pendant with holes 100%
  • Rhode Island on white 5" dish 100%
  • South Carolina shape 100%
  • South Carolina pendant with holes 100%
  • South Carolina on white 5" dish 100%
  • South Dakota shape 100%
  • South Dakota pendant with holes 100%
  • South Dakota on white 5" dish 100%
  • Tennessee shape 100%
  • Tennessee pendant with holes 100%
  • Tennessee on white 5" dish 100%