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Nyan Cat pattern bar slices


Fused glass Nyan Cat murrine/pattern bar slices.
I made these with all Bullseye 90COE soft glass.
The front side is kiln polished, and the back has a matte look, as it was flat against the kiln shelf when fire-polished.
I made this as a large 5.5 pound pattern bar slab, (like a giant glass brick) with hand cut strips of colored sheet glass, flat lapping each strip on my lapidary polisher, and piecing the design together like a puzzle. It took about a week to put together. I then fired the slab in my kiln at 1550 degrees, annealed it for 10 hours, and then sliced it up on my tile saw. I ended up with 21 full slices- most are being incorporated into larger tiles and dishes, but I've gotten many requests for just the polished slices, as so many people collect murrine slices, so I thought I'd sell a few as just polished slices.
These measure approximately 4 3/8" long by 1 7/8" tall. Signed and numbered on the back.
These are numbered #7-11. Slices 7, 8, and 9 are just the pattern bar slices polished in the kiln, and slices 10 and 11 have a thin layer of clear glass on the back, so they are slightly thicker.
Top left = 7
bottom left = 8
Bottom center = 9
top right = 10
bottom right = 11

  • slice #7 Sold Out
  • slice #8 100%
  • slice #9 100%
  • slice #10 100%
  • slice #11 100%