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NYAN CAT incense holder


Fused glass Nyan Cat murrine/pattern bar slice, with extra rainbow stripes I made, trailing behind, to make these super cute incense burners. I added some transparent pink into the design, that looks really cool when light is behind the piece, that you can see in the last picture. The pattern is the same on the front and back side, and each has a hole in it to hold sticks of incense. Also comes with clear adhesive rubber bumpers, that you can put onto the back if you wish, to keep it from slipping on a smooth surface.
Top one measures 2" x 9.5"
Middle measures 2" x 10.25"
Bottom measures 2" x 10.5"
All were slumped in different shaped molds, so are shaped slightly different. Pick your favorite! :)
I made these with all Bullseye 90COE soft glass.
Signed and dated on the back.

*If you're outside the US, please message me with your postal code for a shipping quote. Thanks!

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