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Mini pancake pendants

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Hand made mini fused glass pancake pendants. Pancakes cut by hand from sheet glass, ground smooth on a grinder, layered with brown powder frit, and fired in the kiln as individual pancakes. The mini eggs are also made separately in a first firing, with thin white glass and black frit for pepper. After that firing, the syrup is added, and they are run back through the kiln for a second firing, to slump the syrup around the pancakes, and to fuse the pancakes together, and melt the eggs into the top layer, for the ones that have eggs.
I use Marzipan and Almond colored glass with darker brown powder frit on the tops, to make them look cooked on the tops and lighter around all the edges. The pancakes in this batch have amber glass for syrup, cut into shapes with my glass saw, and slumped over the edges of the pancakes in the final kiln firing.
These measure about 1.5".
Pick your favorite when ordering. Letters of each pancake are in the last picture.
I use all Bullseye 90COE soft glass.