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Life size glass bacon strips


Fused glass bacon strips, made with 90COE Bullseye glass. These are life size bacon strips, measuring about 1.25" across by about 9" long. I fuse these all together in one giant slab, alternating strips of two different colors, with 2 more colors of transparent frit on top, then I cut them into strips, making the edges more wavy. I then fire them again at a lower temperature, to round the edges back up, and add black frit for pepper on some of them, and more brown fine frit to make the edges look crispy. Then, I run them back through the kiln a third time, using fiber blanket underneath them, that I carefully shape for each individual piece of bacon to slump over, to give them the look of real bacon, and the way it shrinks up when cooked. All are signed and dated on the back. When ordering, just pick if you'd like one with pepper, or without pepper. Thanks!

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