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Brick walls with Pacman pixel art

$80.00 / On Sale

Fused glass art tiles made to look like miniature "Space Invader" graffiti artist tiles that he puts up on buildings.
The large one is 4.5" x 7.5" and the small ones are about 3.75" x 4".
I made the pattern bar for the Pacman and ghosts (basically a giant murrine, but with fused glass instead of boro) with strips of colored sheet glass, fired at 1600 degrees, then sliced up with my tile saw, to get the slices used in these pieces. Each brick was hand cut , and the "grout" is black powder glass frit.
The back sides are rainbow iridescent, and each is signed and dated on the back.
I use all Bullseye 90COE soft glass.
*If you'd like these slumped into sushi dish molds to make them into dishes, I can do this at no extra charge! Just let me know if you'd like that in the notes when you are checking out.

  • large tile with pacman and red ghost 100%
  • small tile- blue ghost 100%
  • small tile- pink ghost 100%