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4" folded paper look, fused glass amber "rosin" dishes


Fused glass dishes with amber glass "shatter" fused onto white glass, to look like concentrates on parchment paper. I made the shatter designs in my vinyl cutter software program, printed the designs out onto sticky vinyl, put them onto a silkscreen, and then screened amber powder through the screen and onto a kiln shelf. I fire the powder at a low temperature, to stick the particles together and create super thin glass wafers. Then I add them to square of white glass, and fire them at a higher temperature so the amber melts down further and becomes transparent, then back into the kiln they go for a final firing to slump them into dish shapes.
These trays are 4", and were slumped over molds that look like paper with the edges folded up.
These are numbered in each corner with a sharpie, so pick your favorite when checking out.
I use all Bullseye 90COE soft glass. Signed and dated on the backs.

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