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12" glass light and dark amber slabs


12" across. Choose from light amber or dark amber fused glass slab. I make these with all Bullseye brand 90COE soft glass, and they're fired at 1500 degrees and carefully annealed. These look great hanging in windows, or just sitting on a coffee table. I use mine to display my marble collection, since the marbles can rest inside all the holes.
All of these are handmade, so each will vary slightly. I have a few in stock, but then will be making them as I get orders in, so please allow 1-4 days for yours to get made and ready to ship.
I have to ship these in large Priority boxes, so shipping in the US is $19. Please message me with your postal code if you're outside the US and want a shipping quote.

  • dark amber 100%
  • light amber 95%