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Stonehenge and crop circle fused glass tile #1


4.75" x 5.5" Stonehenge fused glass tile.
First I made the Stonehenge pattern bar for this (basically a giant murrine, but with fused glass instead of boro) with strips of colored sheet glass, fired it at 1600 degrees, then sliced it up with my tile saw into 1/4" thick slices.
I laid a pattern bar strip on the kiln shelf, with strips of matching blue glass above, and green glass below, dammed up all 4 sides, and fired it at 1515 degrees, to melt everything into one big slab.
In the third firing, I added pieces of another pattern bar I made with amber and french vanilla, that I sliced into thin strips with a tile saw, and ground the edges down so it looks like wheat or barley in the field next to Stonehenge, then fired those onto the piece at 1380 degrees.
I then found a picture of the "Julia Set" crop circle from 1996 that appeared in the field right next to Stonehenge, altered the perspective in photoshop, made a sticky vinyl decal of it, and sandblasted the design into the surface of the glass, to give that part a matte finish, while the rest is glossy.
You can see the Stonehenge design from both sides of this dish, as it runs through the entire piece.
Signed and dated on the back. This dish is #1 that I've made so far.
I use all Bullseye 90COE soft glass.

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