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fused glass polished murrine slice #5


Fused glass PacMan milli/murrine slice #5. I made this with all Bullseye 90COE glass. The front side is kiln polished, and the back has a matte look, as it was flat against the kiln shelf when fire-polished. It took a week to make this pattern bar slab, and I got a little over 20 slices. Most are being made into tiles and dishes, but I've gotten many requests for just the polished slices, as so many people collect murrine slices, so right now I have 7 of them (#1-4 are already sold) and I'm not sure how many more I'll leave as slices and how many will be incorporated into bigger pieces. The slices themselves will be numbered as #1 - however many I sell as slices, and the dishes and flat tiles will also be numbered as #1 through however many of those I make. Hope that made sense! This is slice #5, and is signed and dated on the back. It weighs 56.1 grams.

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