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Big Lebowski sweater glass tile #2

$175.00 / Sold Out

6" x 6.5" Big Lebowski sweater design fused glass tile. I made 2 pattern bars for this (basically a giant murrine, but with fused glass instead of boro) with strips of colored sheet glass, fired them at 1600 degrees, then sliced them up with my tile saw into 1/4" thick slices. The I laid these slices together on top of a sheet of clear glass and fired it at 1530 degrees, to melt everything into one big slab. I then cold-worked the edges on a lapidary grinder, then re-fired the piece to gloss it all up again. You can see the design from both sides of this dish, as it runs through the entire piece, and the brown on the back side is lighter than the front design, and the brown that was exposed to air during firing gets darker than the part touching the clear glass.
This tile has 2 slices of the border murrine and 4 slices of the sweater murrine in it.
This will be signed and dated on the back, numbered #2 in my Lebowski sweater series.
**Buyer gets to choose whether they want this tile left flat, or I can also slump it into a sushi dish shaped mold to make it into a dish, at no extra charge. It will just take one more day in the kiln. Please let me know in the notes when paying if you'd like this slumped into a dish.
I use all Bullseye 90COE soft glass.