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80s MAX HEADROOM style dish


Just under 7" x 8", very 80s looking fused glass dish. I used the background from "Max Headroom" for inspiration for the style and color patten in this piece. This was made by cutting 3/8" strips of sheet glass, in black, turquoise, pink, and lime green, and grinding all the edges at an angle where the colors meet up. I dammed up the piece on all sides with kiln brick so it stayed in place while firing, then fired to 1520 degrees. Then I sliced all the edges with my tile saw to straighten and clean them up again, cold-worked the edges on my flat lapidary polisher, sandblasted the surface, and re-fired the piece to 1225 degrees to give it a satin finish, and slumped it into a sushi dish mold to shape it.
Signed and dated on the back.
I use all Bullseye 90COE soft glass.

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